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Merchant Quarterly is a technology, B2B & consumer focused, quarterly publication catering to finance-centric, techno-savvy business owners. Not only do we cover new, existing, and emerging technologies that are instruments in saving our businesses time and money, but also how these technologies influence our entire lifestyle.

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Merchant Quarterly offers the most cost-efficient way to contact Business Owners and Consumers alike both seeking Merchant Service business solutions, products, and advice. We bring our readers B2B Information and Lifestyle Topics in one complete package!

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Most articles that appear in the publication are taken directly from our online editorial partners, email submissions, independent writers, list service posts, and subscriber submitted e'Newsletter response emails.

Audience Profile
Our audience profile was assembled within a 15 year period of time. We utilized key readership groups and advertisers in developing strategic questionnaires geared towards our targeted industries.

Listing of sizes and dimensions of our online ads and marketing assets. You will not find any blind ads within Merchant Quarterly! All ads are relevant to editorial topics.

A great way to showcase your monthly specials, news, new information, and new products! 4x runs and 8x runs are emailed  4 and 8 times to our opt-in and subscriber email lists.


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