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How to Organize Conferences Within a Budget - 3 Part Series

  How to Organize Conferences Within a Budget - 3 Part Series
by Jonathan R.& Dion P.
04/01/18 Merchant Qtly

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Companies organize conferences and meetings to interact with new customers, discuss plans and proposals, and resolve critical issues. Companies also host a number of seminars and corporate events to talk about their products and services and strengthen relationships with existing clients. Conferences are important for the growth of a company. However, looking at the present rough economical scenario, many organizations are finding it difficult to arrange these large-scale events within limited budgets.


The budget usually seems to surpass expenditure due to the various administrative tasks involved in event planning and execution phases. You have to decide everything from choosing the venue, inviting guests, and the kind of food to be served during the conference. Then you have to allocate funds to implement such works. Now, the question is how you can reduce your spending on organizing a conference and similar such events.


With the passage of time, event management software's have being introduced in the market to make the management process smooth and hassle free. Such software's help in reducing manual tasks and makes conference planning much easier.


Starting with the registration process, event planners can use the integrated registration solution to create registration forms online. It takes only a few minutes to publish the forms via this software as well as edit the forms. Add your company logo or graphics as needed to meet your business goals. The major benefit of online registration software is generating forms to be quickly filled up and submitted online. So, there is really no need to spend money on office accessories such as: paper, pen, pencil, files, and folders, etc.


The payment collection process can also be made transparent and easier by using merchant services or an online payment system. It allows you to accept payments via secured payment gateway platforms in turn allowing individuals to pay directly via their credit cards. Conference organizers may additionally have the option to use custom tailored merchant accounts to let the registrants and attendees purchase tickets, products, and services at the conference. In fact, one such organization in Wisconsin, which holds an annual conference and exhibit show for Organic Producers, has recently upgraded their payment processing capabilities due to exponential growth. Be sure to check-out our next issue which will have more detailed coverage about the MOSES Organic Farming Conference and their custom tailored merchant services program.


Planning an event also includes inviting guests. Emails have become very popular these days because of their convenient usage procedure and quick delivery. You can create multiple new emails simultaneously and send a single email to many people marking a copy to you. Emails can reach a person faster (in seconds) than a hardcopy letter via postal service or courier that takes hours and days to get delivered successfully. Event planners can save on a considerable portion of the allocated capital otherwise required to be invested in buying paper and pay for postage stamps.


Event promotion can also be trimmed out and made cost-effective via online event promotion applications. They allow you to market products, services or events on a variety of social networking web platforms - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. It just takes a few minutes to create a profile page in any of these sites and post your events-related content, photos, and videos to let millions of users view it and develop an interest to attend your program. No installation or downloading charges are required to use any of these social media sites.


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