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In Any Direct April May June Sales - Maximize Sales To Brides

by Jane D.
04/01/18 Merchant Qtly

No matter what kind of product you represent, there is a good chance you can provide a valuable service to any Bride. In fact, Bride Magazine reported that approximately 80% of all brides spend an average of $50 per bridesmaid gift. In addition, brides spend more on themselves in the six months prior to their wedding than in any other six-month period in their life. With that, we need to maximize sales to brides during this season!

From cosmetics and personal care products to jewelry and clothing, many direct sellers offer just what the soon-to-be-bride is looking for! Here are some creative ways to reach brides:

Locating Soon-to-be-Brides

Check your local newspaper for engagement announcements and locate an address or phone number through your local directory. Contact the bride-to-be directly.

Take a local Wedding Planner out for coffee and share how you can help brides prepare for their big day. Offer her an incentive for passing on leads to you or, better yet, recruit her into the business!

Contact Bridal shops and wedding gown designers in your area to set an appointment to see how you might complement what they already offer their brides. Ask to place a drawing box in their shop that reads "Free bridal gifts - sign up today!" or "Need extra money to help pay for your wedding?" Then contact the entrants to suggest they hold a show/party to earn their bridal party gifts for free.

Participate in a Bridal Fair

Although they require an investment of your time and money, bridal shows are often a great way to meet new customers, schedule shows/parties, or locate potential team members. Pair up with another person on your team to make it more fun and less costly.

Go on a Bridal Treasure Hunt

Ask everyone you know, "Who do you know that is either getting married or is in a wedding this summer?" Then contact the bride and offer to meet with her privately to show off the lovely products you have to offer.


When you are sharing your products with potential brides, mention the service of free gift-wrapping and delivery. This way you are eliminating the hassle of shopping for gifts and also the time to wrap each gift with care. This is a time for Brides to focus on their special day, not the trivial details.

Product Selection

Have some "Hot selling" items or "Bridal Savvy Selections" ready to share with your potential customer. This will help her envision the possibilities and see some of the beautiful products first hand. Remember, you are merely presenting ideas. Allow the Bride-to-be or customer to make the final selection. Also have an example of some products wrapped in the way the final products will be delivered.

When you set a goal to maximize your selling and sponsoring opportunity with soon-to-be Brides, you will be tapping into a new stream of revenue that could set the stage for higher sales and more team members for the entire year. Make it a priority TODAY!


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