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How To Sell More Gift Certificates - Hint ... Dads Day!

by Tommy J.
04/01/18 Merchant Qtly

Good design will make or break your program

Good design is crucial if you want to sell more gift vouchers. People would be reluctant to buy a badly designed certificate to give to their loved ones. Hence, one option would be to spend a few hundred dollars on a good designer to create attractive, good-looking certificates. If you cannot afford to spend that amount of money, or if you just want to test how well certificates would integrate with your business, consider buying some high quality templates from websites providing premium gift certificate templates.

Location, location, location: make people notice them

Have you noticed how big stores always display gift vouchers in premium locations? They're always located close to checkout, so that each and every customer will notice them, and might be tempted to buy it. You should do the same: choose a prominent location in your store and display your gift vouchers there. You need to setup such a location so that customers can not walk in and not see them. You can experiment with different locations and different positioning and see what works best.

Also you can put some signage wherever appropriate: in a corner of your shop, or on your store window, say "We Have Gift Certificates" or "Gift Certificates Available".

Win customers by improving presentation

You can also make certificates more desirable by providing attractive certificate presenters, such as envelopers or gift boxes. You could even go more creative and create custom velvet bags. This will go a long way in convincing customers a gift voucher would make a great gift for their friends or relatives.

Ask people if they need it

A great selling tip is to ask customers if they'd like to buy a gift voucher while you're processing their purchase. Don't be afraid to ask for the business. You'll generate more sales doing it.

Setup a direct mail marketing program

Send out a mailing to your customer base or a list of people who live in a 10 mile area around your business. Include a gift certificate in the mailing. Yes, you will have to offer some of your services for free, but you will get more customers and you will get to sell more gift certificates to them.

Remind people of gift occasions

It's not only about Christmas and birthdays. Mother's and Father's day, Graduation, Wedding, Thank you Gifts are all occasions for which people might be enticed to buy gift certificates. Create flyers for each occasion and do offer different gift certificate themes with appropriate designs: a snowy countryside for Christmas, a wedding theme for wedding gift vouchers, a graduation theme for graduation gift vouchers etc...


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